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Welcome to the on line home of McFox Fox Terriers, bred by Marcy McGuire. We make our home in South Central Wisconsin.

I’ve been breeding Smooth Fox Terriers since 1991 and dabbled a bit in Wires, but I am no longer breeding Wires. My breeding program is very limited and I seldom have more than one litter a year. Always striving to produce for the show ring, but I must be realistic in grading the puppies. Only the best stay to be shown. All others are available to loving pet homes where I know they will become champions of the heart!

Occasionally I will have young adults available who are either retired champions or I’ve kept to show but didn’t turn out quite as expected. Please be patient as you go through the screening process, as I will ask a lot of questions about yourself, your family and your dog history. I love my dogs very much and want to have successful placements. A Fox Terrier is a permanent family member who can live to about 14 years of age. The dog’s personality and the person’s lifestyle must be a good match. All pet puppies have AKC limited registration and are sold on a spay/neuter contract. All adults are spayed or neutered before leaving.

If you are interested in showing, this is a fun and easy breed to show. I find they either have it or they don’t! And the ones who have “it” show themselves. The show grooming & trimming is a bit more than most people expect, you will need the help of an experienced show breeder.

I am a member in good standing with the American Fox Terrier Club and abide by their code of ethics for preserving this wonderful breed.


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About McFox Fox Terriers

McFox Smooth Fox Terriers

About The Smooth Fox Terrier

Bred to bolt the fox from his den with 20 barking hounds on his tail, this is twenty pounds of pure courage disguised as a dog! Fox hunting is now history, but Smooths will still work hunting country and suburban yards for chippies, squirrels, rabbits, mice and any other unlucky vermin who enter their territory. Their love of hunting is only surpassed by their love of their master.

Smooth Fox Terriers are great family pets, they will play endlessly with the children during the day yet are ready to snuggle up for a night of TV or reading. Most of my dogs are great with children but Smooths tend to be a bit bouncy for toddlers. They are best suited for children over the age of 5 years.

Their comical personalities also make them a great companion for singles and empty nesters. You will never be lonely or sad with a Smooth in the house!

If you have never lived with a Terrier be prepared for a challenge. These clever little dogs are independent thinkers. Training them takes a different approach. If you can convince them it is “their idea” it makes the job much easier. They are dogs who need leadership, however positive reinforcement is the recommended training technique. Too heavy of a hand or a negative approach will only bring out the stubborn side of their personalities. Always accentuate the positive to eliminate the negative.

Their grooming needs are minimal. A bath when dirty, a good brushing once a week along with a nail trim. Brush their teeth 3 times a week and they are set! Major shedding is seasonal (fall and spring) and the process can be hurried along by the use of a Zoom Groom or a Furminator.

You’ve done your homework and decided a Smooth is for you! Do you think you can handle a very active and curious puppy? Maybe an older more settled dog would be more suited to your lifestyle. When making a decision on whether you want a puppy or adult, keep in mind the needs of a puppy. Smooths, as with many small dogs, can be more difficult to housebreak and take more supervision to get it right. They are also extremely active and demand a lot of your attention.

Smooth Fox Terriers live an average of 14 years. A dog over the age of 3 will usually be more settled and not near as active as a puppy. Smooths have a “love the one your with” motto and bond with their new families very quickly. The adjustment my dogs find difficult in the beginning is being the only “child”, as they are accustomed to being part of a dog family.

Available Fox Terriers

From my last litter I held on to 2 puppies to grow them up a little and decide who to keep and show.

I have decided to keep the male so beautiful Jasmine is available to a qualified pet home. She is 1 year old, crate trained, leash trained and pretty well housebroken

She is up to date on vaccinations and microchipped.

Sold on  spay/neuter contract with AKC limited registration.

Her cost is $800 and she will also need to be spayed at purchasers expense.

Please fill out the application on the contact page if you are interested in Jasmine.


No breedings are planned for now.

If you'd like to be informed of future litters, please fill out the application on the contact page.

Thank you!

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